Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Day!

I couldn't help but write a short note to say how excited I am about the Royal Wedding today!  Dwyatt thinks I've gone nuts, and can't understand why women seem to care so much about this wedding, but I just keep trying to explain the fabulousness of it all!  (I know I made up a word there, but hey... this is my blog!) 

I really think it all stems from the fact that as little girls we put of pretty dresses and tiaras and dream of becoming princesses.  We dream of the perfect fairytale with our prince, our tiara, and our happily ever after.  All the while boys are outside play war... so naturally they don't understand... I think the mesmerizing thing about today is that it's like watching a modern day fairytale come true.  Kate, who was a commoner, actually lived the dream of marrying her Prince and becoming a Princess.  Beautiful.  I also love the fact that they seem like a modern couple that truly love each other.  Kate is so poised and elegant, and her dress was simply gorgeous. 

I remember being completely in love with Prince William when I was young.  In fact in 6th grade I had a scrapbook of pictures of him... yes, I admit it... I really did.  Though it's embarrassing, I highly doubt that I was the only one.  Today, I couldn't be happier with how my life has turned out, and I'm glad it wasn't me marrying into the crazy life of paparazzi and constant attention.  However, I wish this royal couple the very best, and I hope they truly are together forever. 

I have without a doubt been swept up in the joy of the day.  I hope that one day I will share with my daughter the story of how excited the world was for this Royal Wedding, and how it seemed that the world took a time out to witness a celebration of love.  Even more, perhaps one day, I'll get to watch the next Royal Wedding with my overly excited daughter  :) 

Photo courtesy of Yahoo

Thursday, April 28, 2011

This Is Life.

My life is busy.  Crazy busy at times... recently as I have been coping with projects at work, assignments with school, trying to run this photography venture, training for a 1/2 marathon, and still trying to find time to spend with my husband and friends... I find myself thinking, "I really need to capture these moments.  These moments make up my life." 

So, although there are probably some out there that would say that this blog should stick directly to business, I just plain don't want to.  I want to capture more there than my photography ventures, I want to capture life.  I want to look back over these entries and remember this stage, this busy stage, where I was young and free.  I want to capture photos in this "digital diary" that I can one day share with my children and remind them that I too was once young. 

I have had lots of blog posts floating around in my mind lately, and every time I think I should write something down, I don't.  Either for lack of time, or uncertainty that I should put my whole self out here on this blog.  But you know what?  I'm just going to go for it.  Yes Internet, I'm just going to be me. 

For anyone who hasn't figured it out yet, I'm not a full time photographer.  Don't get me wrong, I love my photography, and I give my heart and soul to all of my clients.  But for me, photography is fun.  It's what I do when I'm not working.  Personally I think this makes me a better photographer.  I'm not going to be pressed for time and say "you only get a 1 hour session".  When we go take pictures, I want to take my time, I want to enjoy the moment, because I'm having FUN!!!  I love editing photos, and creating something that lasts.  Finally, my favorite thing is seeing people love their pictures.  That's why I'm a photographer, to help people capture moments that they love. 

So my other life?  I'm an engineer... by degree anyway... and I work for Devon Energy.  I'm actually just about to dive into a brand new opportunity that I just "officially" accepted today.  I'm going to be an NGL Marketing Representative starting in mid May!  I couldn't be more excited!  There are only a handful of people in this group, and we are responsible for marketing and selling all of the NGL (natural gas liquids) production for the entire company!  Such an amazing opportunity.  A challenge to be sure, but surely an opportunity to shine! 

I'm also wrapping up my first year of my MBA program.  One third done, yay!!  Only two more years... I can do this!  This summer however, I'm taking a break.  I am going to read some great novels on my kindle, while floating on my boat in a lake somewhere.  I'm going to cook wonderful dinners and drink wine with my husband, and I'm going to spend some time traveling around this beautiful country of ours.  Life is beautiful, I welcome everything it brings, and from now on I'm going to start sharing a lot more of it right here. 

A day at the office...
taken with Instagram on my iPhone

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Our new family member...

Last Friday Dwyatt took me out to dinner for my birthday.  It was a beautiful day at Lake Hefner, so we decided to go sit on the patio, watch the sunset, and drink some wine.  To my complete astonishment, when we walked in the front door of the crowded restaurant a whole group of people yelled, "SURPRISE!!!"  After the initial shock I realized that all my friends were there waiting for me with a whole bunch of balloons, cards, and even a 25th birthday crown.  We had so much fun, I have never had a surprise party like that before, and I feel so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.

Later that night when we got home, I heard some strange meowing coming from somewhere.  Frantic that I had locked Remington in a closet all day, I started looking around for him.  Remington was nowhere to be found, so I asked Dwyatt if he heard the meowing too or if I had perhaps drank one too many glasses of Cabernet... 

Dwyatt went to one of the guest bedrooms, opened the door, and handed me a kitten!  He was hoping to surprise me, but the little one was getting impatient and ended up ruining his perfect plan.  Oh my goodness, I have never seen such an adorable little creature!  (Well actually every kitten is pretty darn adorable, but you get my point...) 

We let him run around the living room while we tried coming up with endless names that might suit him.  After laughing out loud at a few of our ideas, and trying to find something that "fit", we ended up naming him Weston.  He is the newest member of our family, and already deeply loved...

Meet Weston...
 He loves my Toms...
 ... but maybe not as much as he loves birthday balloons...
 Most of all, he loves to snuggle.  He is the first cat I've ever owned that likes to be wrapped in blankets when he sleeps! 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Mom & Dad -

Thank you for my beautiful birthday tulips!  They make me smile every morning and I love watching them bloom.  What a joyous sign of spring! 

Love you!

Friday, April 1, 2011

In This Moment

In two days time I will turn 25.  Wow, I'm going to be a quarter of a century old!  While a lot of people seem to be hesitant about this birthday, somehow thinking we're on the downhill slide to 30, I am choosing to look at it as reaching the height of my 20's!  I want to live in this moment.

Every year as my birthday approaches, I find myself thinking "have I done everything I wanted to do at this age?  Is there anything I still want to do as a 24 year old?"  I think that this year I can confidently say that I am so happy exactly where I am.  There are so many dreams to be fulfilled, things I want to do, and learn, but today I am content. 

Perhaps I'm starting to learn that life is an ongoing adventure, and that each stage of life should be enjoyed to the fullest, for exactly what it is.  For me, this is a pretty remarkable statement, because I am usually the one constantly thinking of and planning for the future.  And believe me I have lots of plans for the future!  However, today I just want to be the 25 year old version of myself.  I want to spend time with my husband and my friends.  I want to stay up later than I should, drink mimosas with the girls at Sunday brunch, and push myself to run a half marathon. 

I want to discover this city, the world, and myself with my wonderful husband by my side.  I want to try all kinds of new things and go new places.  I heard a quote the other day about turning 25... "it's an age where you have the perfect combination between youthful exuberance and wisdom."  I love that!  So true!  I love the fact that I'm a responsible adult, I'm independent, and I can take care of myself.  I love that I have a successful career, and that I have moved beyond being a crazy partying college kid.  Yet, I still feel that I have a youthful optimism that I hope to always have. 

When I think about where I want my life to be in 5 years, it's such a different picture.  I've always pictured that in my 30's I would have a family, and revel in all the joys of raising children.  So, for the next few years, between now and then, I have so many things I want to do for me.  Travel the world, learn a new language, get lost on a road trip to nowhere, and just live life out loud! 

Oh I couldn't be more excited for all that 25 has to offer!!  Here's to living life, and soaking up all the joy I can, in this moment.