Friday, February 25, 2011

My Kind of Winter!

The weather in Oklahoma is growing on me more and more every year.  Although I miss the mountains of Colorado, I have to say I love having seasons in Oklahoma!  We really and truly have every season here.  And the last few weeks have been the perfect example of why Oklahoma has my kind of winter...

It does get cold here, and we do have snow.  A few weeks ago it actually go very cold, -10* one day.  It snowed 12" during one storm and looked like a regular Colorado blizzard outside!  The best part?  It's unusual here, so the whole city shuts down and your basically forced to stay home with a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy it!  Dwyatt and I had such a blast cuddling by the fire and watching the snow fall.  It gives you that cozy feeling that winter brings.  We had two weeks with back to back snow storms so my taste of winter was fully satisfied! 

The best part about Oklahoma snow storms?  They don't last long... within a week of the snow falling we had days where the temperature hit 78*, and spring time is on the way!  I was out looking at my flower beds a couple days ago and the tulips and mums are already starting to grow!  The trees in my back yard have buds on them!  Winter doesn't linger here... we get snow, we enjoy it, then spring shows up!  What an amazing place :) 

Here are a few pictures I've captured of our extreme weather changes... all of these we taken within the last 2 weeks... 

Remington experiencing his first snow :)

Spring is almost here!  Oh how I love tulips!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Roses are Overrated

I know I'm behind by about a week, but I have to share my thought on Valentines day roses.  You see, Dwyatt is so good about buying me flowers.  I usually get a surprise bouquet every month or so (I know... I have the best husband ever!).  When we were dating Dwyatt would always surprise me with roses.  White ones, yellow ones, pink ones, red ones, I loved them all.  However, without fail, they would start to wilt in just a couple days!  So, I desperately tried to dry them and preserve their beauty.  Never worked out so well... 

Eventually I explained my disappointment with how quickly roses would pass, and Dwyatt started buying me seasonal flowers.  Now they last forever!  I was looking at my Valentines day flowers this morning, which I've now had for over a week, and they still look just as good as when he gave them to me :) 

A sweet reminder that the best kind of love is a love that lasts, flowers should be the same way...

Monday, February 21, 2011

Hats, Scarves, Boots, and Gloves

So, like I mentioned a few days ago, I have been thinking a lot about fashion lately.  This has kind of become my recent avenue of artistic interest.  I find that trying to focus on a certain type of art, whether it be paintings, architecture, literature, interior design, or fashion... they all help me think more creatively and challenge me to define my style both for my personal life, as well as through my photography.

Anyway, lately I have been focusing on fashion.  I have always loved clothes and accessories.  I love to dress up and usually I don't mind if I'm over dressed!  I'm 5'9" but I still love heels and I have a closet full of them!  I think that fashion can be a great way to express yourself, and to feel confident in who you are.  However, I also think it takes effort.  I don't think people just roll out of bed looking fabulous... they probably spend some time contemplating an outfit and ensuring that it's accessorized perfectly. 

It seems to me that if you don't take the time to to be aware of style, or to try to determine what you personally love, you can fall into a "fashion rut".  I know that I am guilty of waking up early, throwing on slacks, a sweater, and flats to wear to work.  Are they appropriate?  Yes.  Do they make a statement to the world about who I am?  No.  (Well, actually they probably do make a statement, just not the one I want!) 

So, with this thought I have been trying to not only make a conscious effort each day to consider how I want the world to see me, but also to define what my style is.  I read some blogs, looked at articles online, and tried to find some guidance.  Basically they all said, "you're style is either classic, romantic, urban, bohemian, sporty, or eclectic".  Hmm... not much help. 

I started to think about some of my favorite stores: Banana Republic, Ann Taylor Loft, Express, along with things like Forever 21 and Anthropologie.  From this list, and after some reflection, I think I would describe myself as a girl who likes classic styles, probably preppy at times, but also loves to throw in some bold trendy accessories.  Not sure if that's a specific "type" but I that's who I am.  I love my dresses with kitten heels and pearls... and I also love my polka dot shoes and peacock feather headband! 

Ok, so this was kind of random, but I'm just thinking out loud... all in an effort to live out loud!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Something New!

I'm sure that you have already noticed, but CMP is getting a face lift!  Well, maybe not an entire face lift, but a few nips and tucks here and there :)  Really, I have been kind of bored lately with my color scheme, and I just feel like it's not "me".  It started with an intention to have bright colors, and what I originally meant to be "reddish orange" color turned out looking pink.  So the website basically became a pink and blue theme...  for those of you who know me, I am not a pink & blue girl.

So... after agonizing over colors for the last few weeks, I finally came up with my new colors!  This time you will see red and orange... not a the strange pink mixture.  I have chosen to go with a lot of white and grey, which I feel are very classic, and blend nicely into the background while letting the colors of my images stand out.  However, I needed to get my punch of color in somewhere!  Although, I really can't say I have a favorite color, I tend to be drawn more toward the warm colors... thus red and orange, bright, bold, and fun! 

I'm so excited about my new look & I hope you enjoy it as well! 

Thursday, February 17, 2011


I logged on to my blog this morning to write about fashion.  My own personal sense fashion and style.  However, before I could start typing away, I noticed that this post will be my 100th blog post!  While I know there are mega bloggers out there who have posted thousands of posts, I'm pretty excited that I am now in the triple digits! 

Looking at the last few weeks, I am amazed at how fast time has flow by this year!  February is half way over and I feel like just yesterday was New Year's!  I think that part of this is due to the fact that I'm a student again... and being a student while also working full time means that I'm crazy busy!  Weeks and weekends are flying buy and it seems that if I don't pay attention half of the year will be gone and I'll have nothing really great to show for it! 

I need to start focusing more on today, and what I want to accomplish.  I feel like I have been very reflective so far this year, thinking not only about my future, but also about who I am.  I guess you could say I have been making a conscious effort on the road of self discovery.  It really is quite liberating to define who you are, what you believe, and to live your life for yourself striving toward what you care about and not worrying about what the world thinks.  I know that this process will be a life long journey, but I'm excited to feel as if I've started down this path! 

Ok, I guess fashion will have to wait to next time :)  It will be soon, I promise!!!